Actor’s Prerequisite To Big Screen Success: Writing?

This past decade has seen an influx of both screenwriters transiting into acting and actors writing their way into Hollywood roles. Hanks, Affleck, Rogen, and Perry are just a few names who have earned both acting and writing. Its not new to Hollywood, the actor/writer dynamic but the level at which these talented people are achieving success has to be recognized as trendsetting.Ben

In any business creating your own opportunities will always keep you a head of the pack and separate you from the lazy, obnoxious, know-it-alls who sit back and wait on someone to crown them king or queen. The only challenge with creating your own opportunities as a writer or actor is do so at a very high level.

Recently, HBO Pilot, “The Leftover” found its lead Justin Theroux who co-wrote Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2. Both titles are undeniably Hollywood Hits penned by the talents of an actor. The writing-acting dimension adds a lot of depth to Hollywood and the talented people who work behind the scenes that bring these Big Hits to the Big Screen and Home Theatres.

Unfortunately, there are lots of people in Hollywood that take the credits of others to keep up with the growing trends. I guess the industry hasn’t  changed much when it comes to lack of credibility.


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