Hermés Festival Des Métiers

Style601.com linked up with The Fashion Blagger to give you an exclusive look at the Hermes Festival Des Métiers in LONDON! Here’s what she had to say about the festival!

This week I had the chance to pop down to the Hermés Festival at the Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road, London. Did you know that the Hermés family 6th generation members are on the Hermés community board, playing a large part in how the brand is received and the quality process. After, visiting the festival I had decided that the brand is solely one of exclusivity, Hernés literally is OLD MONEY offering LUXURY PERSONAL SERVICES AND QUALITY.

The fakes and those wearing fakes just make a mockery of themselves, this service is exclusive you pay for the complete luxury of the Hermés service. Hermés no longer offer a wanting list for the BERKIN Bag valued at £8,000 or a Kelly the smaller bag valued at, wait for it £8,000 (as told by Hermés Rep) to size doesn’t matter here!!!
The festival celebrated the craftsmanship used to produce the luxury brand scarves, plates, jewellery, clothing and the famous Hermés Haute Curroie BERKIN valued at £8,000. Hermés explained to me that they wanted to show the world how they produce the brands luxurious pieces.
Take for instance the process used when producing the Hermés Haute Curroie this takes from 25-30 days to make watch here http://vine.co/v/b9pD3UKYvPD each individual piece is handcrafted to fit the suitor/consumer. You might want a different colour strap or stitching and so forth, also the SS13 Cashmere and Silk Sweater from Hermés as shown in my video link shown here http://viddy.it/TcbH07. The sweater maker told me that she only produces two sweaters a day…. However each piece must be checked before she’s moves onto constructing the next piece.
Below you can watch my video footage;
vine.co/v/b9pD9FppMWZ  The Leather Worker vine.co/v/b9pjBJ25ABq   vine.co/v/b9pD3UKYvPD what amazed me throughout all my video footage, the fact that the Leather Worker never had a inch of ink on his hands he worked skilfully.vine.co/v/b9pjaOm7PT9
vine.co/v/b9pDj5QnBDZ  Hermés SS13 Sweater of Silk and Cashmere, Part Two vine.co/v/b9pDthX5AWE
Hermes Festival Confectioneur De Creatives The Maker
 vine.co/v/b9pDXwdbxPA stencilling process for Hermés Scarves valued slightly over £1,000

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