(Exclusive) Underneath the Sheets And On The Surface w/ A Victoria’s Secret Photo Retoucher

VS Chanel ImanStyle601.com Editor-in-Chief, Cedric Armand, gets a minute to chat with Victoria’s Secret about some inside tips about retouching!

Victoria’s Secret is home to the sexiest models and sexiest lingerie. Ohio based, Victoria’s Secret, is the largest retailer of intimate apparel to date and infamous for their Catalogs and Annual Fashion Show.

Victoria’s Secret Inhouse Retoucher Jessica Porter introduces us to the world beauty and retouching with insight and tips on beauty retouching. Let’s say hello!

How did you get into photo retouching?

I have been playing with imagery and Photoshop since I was 13 years old. As I got into my later years of high school I entered a design program. In that program we were encouraged to always shoot our own projects. Most times that is unrealistic. Instead we had to use the web as a resource for relatable photography. Most imagery I found was close to my idea for a project, but not quite right. I would then take the images I found and manipulate them to fit my creative needs. Since then it has been a hobby that turned into a passion, and then a career!

What other creative skills do have outside photography?

I have been artistic my entire life. I attended the Columbus College of Art & Design, www.ccad.edu , and began honing my artistic abilities. My main hobby now is drawing/ illustrating.

What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food is FOOD! I love all different types! But when it comes down to it, I am a die hard Cheeseburger gal.

Retouching isn’t on stage much and Style601 wants to know about the business of retouching.

How important is aesthetics over mastering the tools?

I wouldn’t say aesthetics are more important than tools or proper function, but in a creative field you need to be able to harmonize the two. For example, in retouching it’s not about changing the image, it’s about enhancing it. I have developed the eye for knowing what to retouch and what to leave completely unchanged.

How would you even describe photo retouching to someone not in the business?

In our society retouching is severely frowned upon. Everyone knows Retouching means Airbrushing. When I try to explain what I do most people get uppity and offended that I am “contributing to the distortion of image and self worth”. The way I describe it to people is that I merely remove distractions. When it comes down to it, companies are trying to sell a product or a feeling. If a giant mole on someone’s body draws your eye away from the product, then I am not doing my job.

What are some of the trends in Retouching?

Work I have recently retouched has been high end beauty material. The type of retouching where you can’t tell it’s been retouched. That trend will always be around.

How do you keep your skills sharp?

Luckily for me, I LOVE what I do. If i’m not retouching for work I’m retouching for fun. I’m always finding new tutorials and techniques to practice and build my portfolio with.

Are there any special VS secrets you can share?

This really isn’t a secret, but I always get asked about our models, whether or not they are as beautiful as they seem. Then answer is YES! They are! These girls are supermodels for a reason. Their natural beauty does my job for me. I am the luckiest retoucher in the world!

Check out some of Jessica’s work at http://www.victoriassecret.com! Here are a few samples of Jessica’s personal work!

Jessica Porter Creative Examples-3

Jessica Porter Creative Examples-2

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