TV Trumps Film In The Eyes of Hollywood Executives, a leading niche film and fashion blog, state with the recent development and pickups by NBC and ABC along with CBS still being the “the most watched network” ;TV is a priority.

“Hollywood’s take on go hard or go home has driven studios up into the 200m or more range for movies.”

Film has always been the bigger ticket in Hollywood but during 2007-2011; TV has commanded higher returns.

A Numbers Approach to Hollywood

According to Morgan Stanley, a 40% pre-tax profit loss by the five major studios( Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox) is turning studio executives to TV for more bang for their buck. Where most major films can cost in the range of 200m, the most elaborate hour long show is about 5m-6m.

Between 2006 and 2012, the big six studios cut films by 14 to 54 percent.



International sales have also been under the radar with foreign box office revenues growing at two and a half times that of American box office revenues. China’s growing Hollywood market has them placed as the second largest market over Japan and Russia.

Domestically we’re still biting the bullet taking home only 25 percent of sales in China. Unfortunately, China’s 34 film cap on foreign films leaves us with 100 films that never even make it overseas.

TV seems to be the obvious choice in Hollywood. Can you blame them?

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