Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist and Expert Ricci DeMartino For Color Blocking

It seems everyone wants to know what and how to color block. Fashion’s trending Color Blocking Style can be seen all over the world with every major fashion designer and most fashion stylists. It’s a simple and yet bold statement. Color Blocking is simply using any variation of color usually a solid color in combination with other solid colors to create a bold statement. And if you want to really get creative patterns are permitted as long as they are blocked.

Any stylist will tell you the ability to color block is an easy and simplistic look that works well on most silhouettes.

We had a chance to catch up with Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist/Expert and Founder of StyleLifeDesign, a boutique Interior Design firm, Ricci DeMartino and here’s what he had to say.

Style601: What’s your take on Color Blocking as a stylist?

“I love to dress my clients in Color Blocked clothing items, it flatters every shape.
I think its a sophisticated way to dress! It allows you to build a look while making a color statement free of patterns and prints that are typically difficult for some body types to wear.”

Style601: Have you used color blocking with any of your clients?

“I’ve been using Color Blocking on myself and my clients for years! As a matter of fact this week I bought a client a Marni Color Blocked statement coat.”

“Color Blocking is a way to put together a successful look with little effort. Using blocks of color as a statement and being able to play off of those colors, opens up all kinds of options for what to wear underneath. The client I bought the Marni coat wanted to update her look without a big investment. Buying the camel and red color blocked coat added the perfect amount of style without being too trendy. She can layer it over most any color pant, skirt or dress and feel confident! She’ll be able to wear the coat for many seasons to come no matter what the colors of the moment are.”

Style601: Do you think color blocking has staying power as a style or do you think it’s just a fad?

“Color Blocking has been around for many years and I think we’re going to it see for many more to come. It’s not a fad; it’s a style, a new way to wear color!”

Ricci DeMartino works in L.A. and has been putting together great Style for 15 years plus years for the “great and famous”. Ricci has been featured on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club”, “NBC’s Closet Makeover”, and E! Entertainment! Style as a featured Celebrity Stylist. Check out what Ricci has going on at StyleLifeDesign.com.
Thank you Ricci from Style601! Bon Chic Bon Genre! Bisous!

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