Michael Clarke Duncan has Heart Attack…

The big smile, big muscles, and chocolate skin were all infamous traits for the “Green Mile” actor. That’s why this sudden Hollywood lost is so astonishing.

On any given day if you saw this guy in the neighborhood it would excite some natural concerns. Six- foot- five , three- hundred and fifteen pounds worth of excitement.

I love the contrast in size and personality. Micheal’s charisma instantly took over the set and that translated in what the camera saw. What we all saw and what made MCD a great actor!

About two months ago the Oscar nominated actor experienced a Myocardial Infraction (heart attack) according to his publicist. He had been receiving treatment for the duration and passed the morning of September 3, 2012. There are so many good things to say about Duncan that it makes his passing more of a merriment of his career and life.

Micheal Clarke Duncan filmography includes Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Talladega Nights, Green Mile, DareDevil, and The Scorpion King just to name a few.

For the full list visit www.imdb.com keywords: Michael Clarke Duncan.


We love you MCD!

Duncan has a few projects completed that have yet to be released. “In the Hive” directed by Robert Townsend and “The Challendger” written and directed by Ken Moran.  So keep your eyes open!

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